Luxury Hair Wash

Hey folks,

So after procrastinating for too long, I finally decided to put my fingers to keyboard and share with you my travel, life and personal experiences.

To get things rolling, my first blog is about my first Luxury Hair Wash. Yup, a luxury hair experience.

After my 24 days hitch offshore I was in desperate need of a hair cut. I checked in to the Ascott Hotel in KL around 7 p.m. and then  hurried over to the Suria KLCC mall (less than 5 mins. away) to find a salon. I took the escalator up to the 4th floor and there I found 2 or 3 different hair salons. I looked for the salon that had the most people and decided that was not where I would be going…I didn’t want to be waiting for too long. So I decided to go with Centro Prive. Although they didn’t look busy, by no means was that a sign of business not being good..

The salon itself was very modern in design and yet it had a very soft, calming and welcoming feel. I told the nice young ladies at the front that I wanted a wash and cut and I was immediately escorted to an empty chair for a consultation. As soon as I took my seat, I was offered a complimentary drink…”would you like a drink Sir? Juice, coffee, tea?’ I was a bit shocked at first when asked because in my 31 years of getting a hair cut, I have never been offered refreshments. To not seem as though I didn’t deserve it, I calmly replied, “sure, can I have a bottled water please”. – Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore – , or  – First Choice Hair Cuts ( – for that matter, (my previous salon of choice).

Then I met Max – The senior stylist. With a few short exchanges, Max understood exactly what I was there for. So along came Jen, who I didn’t realize was the head massage specialist. Well she’s an assistant stylist but the way she managed my head…she must be a specialist. It started with Jen squeezing the shampoo onto my hair and me wondering, “wasn’t I suppose to wet my hair first?” Well anyways, she’s the expert and following the shampoo application, Jen used what looked liked a typical condiment (ketchup) squeeze bottle and began squirting water on my hair. Interesting technique I thought…but equally effective…I mean…I didn’t even have to leave my chair to go the sink for a rinse. So then it began. The best head massage I ever had…so far anyways.

Jen lathered my hair and then started massaging away. She started with my neck, then began running her wet hands through the top of my head and then down toward the front. It felt so good I could hear my hair and head moaning with pleasure. Each stroke of Jens hands created stress relieving powers. This is the type of hair treatment every man should have after a hard work week, month, hitch…whatever.

So after 15 mins of hair heaven, it was done. I forgot I had come in seeking a haircut and hoped to get more of the head massage. Anyways, I won’t bother describing the hair cut now, because it would  be anticlimactically of me to do that. Let’s just say Max didn’t disappoint either. I got a fresh-cut and even better, my head felt brand new…invigorated…happy.

So, let me take this time to Big Up Jen and Max and the entire team at Centro Prive.

Be sure to drop by…they have been 100% Davepproved!

Luxury Hair Wash.


One thought on “Luxury Hair Wash

  1. Sorry I took so long to read. But good writing! Look forward to hearing more and some commentary about the energy industry too.

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